The Consultation

I offer two types of consultations:

In type one, During the initial one and half hour consultation, in strict confidence, I will take a full detailed health, diet and lifestyle questionnaire taking into account any previous and current medical conditions, symptoms and medications and/or supplements. We will also discuss what your main priorities and goals are along with what you feel is achievable, so that dietary and lifestyle adjustments are recommended that you feel able to follow. This then allows me to evaluate your individual needs and develop a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme.

After the consultation, a full detailed report and plan will be written, explaining the reasons behind diet and lifestyle adjustments along with an action plan and meal suggestions. Courses of nutritional supplements may be advised as these may also help support the body. In a further one-hour consultation, we will discuss the report and plan and make any necessary adjustments.

Alternatively, in type two I can send in the post a detailed health, diet and lifestyle questionnaire that can be filled out and sent back in a pre-paid envelope. This can also be done via e-mail. At the consultation (please allow one and half hours), we look at the questionnaire in more detail and I will ask further relevant questions and also discuss what main priorities and goals are along with what you feel is achievable. Recommendations, courses of nutritional supplements and any possible lifestyle adjustments will be advised and I will explain reasons behind them. We will then work together on making an action plan. After the consultation, a detailed report and plan will be written and sent reiterating what was discussed at the consultation.

The number of further appointments may vary depending on your circumstances and further follow-ups can be arranged either as a one off or periodically. However, I will review your progress and answer any questions and make adjustments to the plan when required.