What Is Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy

“Health is like money we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it”. Josh Billings (19th century American writer and lecturer)

Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy promote health and wellbeing by revealing how certain foods and lifestyle habits may affect your health. They help address any potential underlying causes of conditions and look at you as a ‘whole’, not just an isolated set of symptoms and ensure recommendations are focused on your individual needs.

We read so many articles about what we eat and their links to health conditions and research on this subject is on-going, so nutritional therapy forms the main focus of the consultation. It helps identify any potential nutritional imbalances within the body and explain how these may contribute towards symptoms and health concerns.

Advice, recommendations and support are given on diet and lifestyle based upon your own unique requirements rather than one size fits all approach and this may help support nutritional balance and help the body towards restoring and maintaining health not only now but into the future. Often a few simple changes can make a significant difference and it is not about eliminating all your favourite foods, but identifying factors that may promote health and wellbeing through food and lifestyle adjustments.

Naturopathy recognises that the body has its own inherent self-healing process and recommendations on diet, lifestyle and hydrotherapy will be given. These help support this process and are focused on health promotion rather than on the disease or condition itself and its suppression.